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5 Ways Listening Can Improve Productivity

Posted by Dana Dupuis on May 29, 2020 4:50:29 PM

You're no stranger to the concept of communication. After all, communication — whether over the phone or face-to-face — is a huge part of your work life. However, when many people think about communication, they're biased towards the role of speaking. But the other half of communicationlistening, is equally important. By improving your ability to listen, you will improve your communication overall. And that can make big differences for your team's productivity.

How listening improves productivity is one of our most loved topics and we wanted to re-share it now because it's even more relevant today than we originally posted it almost two years ago. Read more below on how more effective listening can boost you and your team's productivity!

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Prepping for the Next Generation of Leadership

Posted by Allison O'Brien on Mar 4, 2020 1:09:05 PM

There is a blind spot at the executive level when it comes to Leadership Development. More often than not, a company’s top performers get promoted from within to fill vacant or newly created leadership roles. But without being prepared for their new position, their upward career trajectory starts to level off.  

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4 Steps to Giving Well Received Feedback

Posted by Allison O'Brien on Jan 7, 2020 9:38:49 AM

Giving feedback is one of the essential components of establishing credibility and trust with your team, yet it’s often overlooked as an essential component in management training programs.

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